21 February - 15 March, 2020
Te Ahaha, Wellington NZ

A Solo Exhibition

4 April - 31 May, 2020
Rochfort Gallery
317 Pacific Highway, Nth Sydney

Rochfort Gallery is proud to present a beautiful new large-format publication celebrating the new large-format publication celebrating the work of Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM


As an Australian ceramic artist my practice engages with landscape as a source of inspiration, whilst the anagama process provides my aesthetic framework. My making and firing are a reflection of the processes of nature, sometimes life giving, sometimes destructive. The outcome is not just a happy accident, though chance does play some part in the firing. It is the result of the inherent synergies of the making and firing processes informed by my conceptual framework and a desire to achieve a unique personal aesthetic.

‘The practice of Barbara Campbell-Allen over the last three decades reveals the evolution of an individual aesthetic which is formed and informed by an abiding connection with the creative possibilities of earth and fire.’
Trisha Dean ‘All that Is Solid’ Craft Arts International 76, 2009

Barbara Campbell-Allen - Gondwanna Horizons

Gondwana Horizon from Art Weaves on Vimeo.

Barbara Campbell-Allen - An Australian Landscape Narrative

This video was developed for The Australian Ceramic Association  film festival that was part of the Australian Ceramic Triennial 'Stepping Up' , that was held in Canberra July 2015.