Walking through some paddocks in central NSW late last year I was fascinated by a blue sky filled with fantastic shaped clouds. The sky was the vista, overwhelming whilst calm– as it was a still day with a soft wind. It was a placid, contemplative experience.

Several months later driving through the Uzbekistan desert, again the sky was overwhelming.  The sky was filled with clouds, but these were turbulent. A high level wind was sending the clouds scurrying across the sky. The clouds were distorted, elongated and full of energy.

Cloud shapes inspired this collection of vessels; the contrasts echoing the fascinating appeal of cloud gazing and the practice of interpreting their shapes and inventing stories for each one. Surfaces evocative of vivid sunsets and ethereal cirrus and altocumulus disappear on these almost edgeless forms, reflecting the transient nature of cloud forms. The perception of each piece changes as we look at both sides, each with the same form but different surface.

Barbara Campbell-Allen - An AustralianLandscape Narrative

This video was developed for The Australian Ceramic Association  film festival that was part of the Australian Ceramic Triennial 'Stepping Up' , that was held in Canberra July 2015.